About Us

Hi there! Welcome to our blog!

This is a combined blog between Aden Firdaus (husband) and Ratri Endah Putri (wife). Since the 1st September 2016, Aini Nabila Putri Firdaus joined our little family. This blog contains everyday stuff about us. Study, our marriage life, our hobbies, anything… just anything, maybe it’s just because we have no idea how to manage a website yet.

Both of us are currently studying in University of Twente. People are wondering how we can manage it. You can read our stories in this blog! We encourage you to ask questions. 🙂

Why is it called paimarantau? Paimarantau stands for pergi merantau or away from home in Minangkabau-West Sumatera-Indonesia language. It means to leave the place where you were born or grow up for gaining knowledge, searching experience, or developing yourself; a very common culture in Minangkabau.

We already paimarantau for our undergraduate study. Aden comes from Yogyakarta and Putri comes from Padang. We moved to Bandung for study. Since then we basically live everywhere but our hometowns. Now, we live in the Netherlands.

We hope you enjoy paimarantau with us. 😉