How I Met Him

By Putri

21st December 2015 is our wedding date. We are married for a year now. Wow, time sure flies. It was just like yesterday, we met at class in university. Here we are now, married and celebrating our first anniversary.

How I met my lovely husband is a wonderful story. For me, it’s just like destiny.

We met for the first time as undergraduate student in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). We were mostly in the same class in freshmen year. Actually, me and Aden were different kind persons, we did not have any extracurricular together. I was so busy with mine, so he was with his. I came from Padang, he came from Yogyakarta, how we spoke were different. I came late in mostly class, he came 10 minutes before class started. We did not have many similarities with each other.

In fact, we just met at class. We both were single, happy, and maybe not interested with each other (?). I don’t know, my husband said he liked me from the moment he saw me. Ummm… it was so difficult to believe, i didn’t buy it.

At that time, we were in the same study group, but I wasn’t involve very much, because I liked to study alone in my room. Aden liked to study together, he can’t study by himself.

Then in the second semester, one of our friend in this study group had just broke up with her boyfriend. As a good friend, I wanted to entertain her and made same juicy gossip for her. I asked Aden if he want to become my boyfriend just for Facebook status to make our friend happy. I just asked him that without thinking much although me and him were not so close and there were so many men in our study group. I didn’t know why I chose him. Like I said, it was destiny. Started from that, he was constantly texting me, like we were real couples, though we were not. LOL.

So, that was the beginning of our love story. It was about one month we were in “fake” relationship. At our fake relationship, we grew our feeling towards each other. I knew he was great guy, the man I was dreaming of. He made me fall in love with him.

Now, it is already pass 6 years since this story. Aden and I already married. I am so grateful of you, my baby. I am the luckiest women alive. I love you.

Happy 1st anniversary of our wedding. May Allah gives His mercy and guidance.

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