I needed to share about this.

We went on a short afternoon picnic to Baturaden. My brother and aunt want to go to “Pancuran Telu”, a small hot spring. We met this kid, he is a just a year older than my brother. “Rifan”

He was just sitting there with a stack of small stools and a little basket full of small packing sulfur powder. “Rp 2000″*, he replied when we asked how much it would cost to rent one. We picked 3.

Usually it is his mother that is here, but she can’t come these days because she needs to take care of a family member who is burnt by an exhaust. “Where is your  father?” He is a massage therapist at “Pancuran Pitu”, which is 2,5 km away uphill from our spot.

After a little conversation we know that Rifan is a chess champion at his school, has good grades (also rooting to be number one at his class), and won a volleyball tournament. Yet here he is renting stools and selling therapy powder.

We gave him the money and he immediately ran away uphill. Shocked, my aunt called him back. “I want to give my father the money”. What an (too) honest kid.


*Rp 2000 = $ 0.14

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